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LesPark new features on the line, experience upgrade!

Jan. 18, 2024, 6:05 PM Release

LesPark APP is a leading platform for lesbian social networking, with 30 million users around the world sharing life experiences, discovering the real, beautiful and diverse world, and finding like-minded friends. LesPark new version 8.07 online! Easily publish your own titles in just three steps; The browsing page is double-flow waterfall browsing, more quality content is presented; Pure text to share new features, experience the new upgrade!

New function 1: Eye-catching title, master exposure multiplier!

Use tutorial

1. Select the material: Click the "Entry" button to select the material you want to publish directly from the album, and now the new version has a maximum of 18 images!

2. Edit content: Enter the edit page, you can add background music, P picture, and adjust the length of the video.

3. Add title and body to complete the publication: In the text editing section, fill in the title and body content. Don't forget to add relevant hashtags to increase your exposure.





Now add a shock title to the content of your work, immediately ignite the reader's curiosity, let your work into the spotlight! Through carefully selected hashtags, let your work get more exposure opportunities on the LesPark platform, master the exposure multiplier!

New function 2: Explore the infinite charm of text, open a new chapter in making friends!

Use tutorial

1. Shortcut channel, anytime and anywhere: randomly select an entrance, select text, enter the editing page

2. Feel the charm of words and stimulate the desire to create: give full play to creativity and express the inner world with words

3. Publish works: After finishing editing, click "Publish works", your works will be displayed on the home page and your personal home page.

引导 纯文4-ghvmfatejqpe.jpg

引导 纯文2-nqiqgkaclfut.png

引导 纯文3-vsgwzanmftrt.jpg

In LesPark's plain text sharing, you can write your own story, share your life insights, and discuss your interests. Each article is a monologue of your inner world, a bridge between you and the hearts of others. Here, sincere words are worth a thousand words, and you will be the focus of others' eyes.

New experience: Double flow waterfall browsing, discover more exciting!

LeSpark's new browsing page has a new look, with a double-flow waterfall design, so that you can enjoy a more smooth and natural visual experience when browsing content. Whether you're looking for a favorite anchor, browsing hot topics, or discovering fresh content, the cascade browsing lets you quickly locate and easily immerse yourself in the world of LesPark.


At present, Shuangliu waterfall browsing can only be experienced by OPPO and VIVO mobile devices and the latest version of LesPark APP. Please give LesPark developers some time 💦

LesPark's new upgrade not only focuses on personalized experiences, but also puts more emphasis on social interaction. You can easily follow your favorite talent and anchor, find more humorous, humorous and interesting life to share, and share ideas and exchange ideas with like-minded people.

Here, every interaction can become a good memory, make your social experience more colorful, come to LesPark experience!

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