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Meet them, we will eventually wait until the days of mountain flowers in full bloom

Feb. 02, 2024, 6:03 PM Release

Red flowers and green leaves are not necessarily a foil relationship, but also a mutually beneficial relationship. In LesPark, we are looking forward to seeing a hundred flowers in full bloom, and we hope that everywhere you go, you will be in full bloom. Today, LesPark takes you to meet three people with good appearance level. Flowers do not have to hold high and step on low, each has its own beauty, their bloom, we will eventually see mountain flowers in full bloom.

Nonfat neinei

ID: 11227052


After I met you,

Every careless thing you say

All in my heart blossomed into a mountain of flowers

Bad bad crocodile 🐊

ID: 17848644


I am looking forward to more than the sea of flowers in my dream

And you and me.

The sea of flowers, you and me, free, comfortable

Summer with cicadas and flowers that never die


ID: 17922158


The sky is wide and the wind is gentle

The water is clear and the flowers are bright

You're special. I like it

Meet them, we will see flowers in full bloom; Meet you, we will see a hundred flowers bloom. I look forward to seeing you in the park and witnessing the arrival of the blooming days together

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