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Pansexual and bisexual: They're not the same!

Feb. 08, 2024, 11:39 AM Release


Pansexuality is a sexual orientation that usually refers to a person's ability to feel romantic or sexual attraction to people of multiple genders. Many people who self-identify as non-binary, who have sex or attachment objects that are non-binary, and who engage in non-conventional sexual behavior choose to use the term pansexual to describe their identity. Compared with gay, straight, bisexual and other sexual orientation, pansexuality is less visible and easily ignored in the sexual minority community.

Double sexuality

Bisexuality, also known as bisexuality, is a kind of sexual orientation. Bisexuals are capable of emotional, romantic, or sexual attraction to the same and opposite sex. Bisexual people experience attraction in a variety of ways, some people may feel attraction to both the same sex and the opposite sex; Some people may feel attraction to members of the same sex at one stage and to members of the opposite sex at another. Bisexuals also differ in how they express and how attracted they feel.

The difference between pansexuality and bisexuality

Pansexuality and bisexuality are both types of sexual orientation, but there are some differences.

The concept of bisexuality focuses on "double", that is, male and female two genders. Bisexuals may be attracted to people of at least two genders, but not necessarily all. The concept of pansexuality focuses on "pan-sex", that is, male, female, male to female, female to male, neutral and so on. Pansexual people may feel a certain attraction to people of all genders.

The difference between bisexuality and pansexuality is obvious, bisexuality is still attached to gender, and it is both sexes, and he is very clear about his different feelings when interacting with the same sex and opposite sex. In other words, he prefers both men and women; Pansexuality is not attached to gender, and mate selection conditions have nothing to do with gender. Or rather, he doesn't have a gender preference.

In short, pansexuality and bisexuality are both types of sexual orientation, and they differ in attraction and preference. It is important to note that each person's sexual orientation is unique, and each person's feelings and choices should be respected and understood, rather than simply categorizing or limiting them to traditional gender categories. At the same time, we should also establish an inclusive and equal social environment, eliminate gender discrimination and prejudice, and promote social justice and equality.


I don't have to define my sexuality

Yes, you don't necessarily need to define your sexual orientation. Each person's sexual orientation is unique, and only you can understand and determine your own feelings and preferences.

Some people may prefer to be explicit about their sexual orientation in order to better understand their emotions and needs. Others may prefer to remain vague and liberal and not adhere to traditional sexual orientation labels.

It's important to respect your own feelings and choices and not be limited by social expectations and conventional beliefs. Sexual orientation is a personal choice, and everyone has the right to freely express their feelings and needs.

If you are confused or unsure about your sexuality, explore your feelings and needs and discuss them with a close friend or professional. At the same time, it is necessary to maintain an open and inclusive mind, respect the choices and feelings of others, and build a social environment of equality, respect and inclusiveness.

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